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Magento POS extension is the best point of sale extension to create order in Magento backend are processed in one page.

  • Easy and Instant search for products and add to cart
  • Billing Address, Shipping method, Payment method and Order review are displayed together for correction at any step any time
  • Auto-update latter Shipping, Payment steps when there are changes to earlier Billing address, Shipping address steps
  • Use the swipe-card function when making payments


Community Edition 1.4 – 1.5 – 1.6 – 1.7 – 1.8

Enterprise Edition 1.9 – 1.10 – 1.11 – 1.12


Product page - magento pos extension


Backend demo of pos magento


Many times, shop assistants/admins have to carry out Checkout procedures for Customers, either in physical stores or when receiving orders through phone or email. So, wouldn’t it be great if this process could be hastened, helping save time for more profitable actions! With Magestore’s Magento POS extension, you will be able to create orders quickly and conveniently from an admin panel on just one page! What’s also interesting is a barcode reader and Reward Points system integrated into this extension. Try using them and you will be fascinated by its convenience and the amount of time saved.

Magento POS - Magento Point of sale extension - web pos for magento | Benefits



Magento POS - Magento Point of sale extension - How it works


How can Shop assistants find target items to create orders among so many products available on your site? The answer is a search box on the top of the page, which enables you to see results displayed instantly after typing their names/ SKUs.

Another way is to have products’ SKUs detected through their barcodes and then automatically added to cart.

Magento POS - Magento Point of sale - Instantly search products by Name, SKU or Barcodes

Our Magento POS extension module allows placing an order as a guest or as an existing customer. If you choose to check out as an existing customer, then it can be very time-saving as some data in the billing address, shipping method, payment method and order review will be auto-filled accordingly.

If you choose guest checkout mode, then you will need to fill out information fields displayed. You are also allowed to save the data to create an account for a customer by ticking the Creating an account for later use box as shown in the image.

Magento POS - Magento Point of sale extension - Place an order as a guest or as an existing customer

After Customers purchase products in physical stores, Shop assistants can quickly create orders for them right in admin panel. All checkout steps are displayed on one page and you can fill in or edit any step without waiting or going back and forth. All sections (billing address, shipping method, payment method, and order review) appear at the same time for you to complete.Magento POS - Magento Point of sale extension  - Quickly create order in admin with 1 step
When you change Customer’s information such as address, other Sections (Shipping, Payment Method, Order Review) will be auto-updated.
Magento POS - Magento Point of saleextension  - Auto update later steps when former steps change

You can use the swipe-card function when making payments by our Magento POS extension. After swiping your Customers’ credit cards, all their card information will be auto-filled as illustrated in the red box below:

Magento POS extension - Magento Point of sale - swipe card  function

The Magento POS extension supports all payment methods, thus you can choose the one that is more convenient to your Customers.Magento POS extension - Point of sale system for magento - Payment Methods
In Order Review section, you can enter the amount of cash your Customers paid to you and the discount you give them (if any). After that, System will auto-calculate the change for you.Magento Web POS extension - Point of sale magento - Enter Cash in and Discount
Also, you can add coupon code, gift message as indicated by Customers. It’s very convenient to insert comments for the order, such as special instructions or their remarks about your products.Magento Web POS extension - POS magento - Add coupon code, gift message, order comment
For those Customers who would like to stay updated with your products, you can help them sign up for newsletters. Besides, you can also take a quick survey and note whether a product has been shipped or not.Magento Web POS extension - Web POS magento extension - Sign up for newsletter, quick survey and
Additionally, you are able to scan orders by Order ID or Customer’s name/email. In this way, you can easily view order list as well as quickly print an invoice for your Customers.Magento Web POS extension - Scan orders by Order ID, Customer’s name or email


The integration between these 2 extensions brings all benefits of the points system to not only online Customers but also offline Customers.

Earning Points

The number of points Customers can receive will be shown on Web POS checkout page. These points are redeemable to pay for their future orders.

Magento Web POS Extension | earning points

Spending Points

At checkout, if Customers ask for discount by using points from their current balance, shop assistants can easily adjust the spending amount right on Web POS checkout page.

Magento Web POS Extension | earning points

Using Coupons

Online Customers can get points for referring your e-store and referred friends will receive discount coupon codes, which can be applied at Web POS checkout. In the Order Review section, the module will auto-add an offer discount and update the Grand Total.

magento web pos extension | using referred coupon





In one step checkout for admin page

  • Instant Search for products and add to cart through name, SKU or barcode (Advanced)
  • Able to check out as guests or existing customers, create new account
  • All checkout steps (Billing Address, Shipping Method, Payment Method and Order Review) appear simultaneously and on a single page, enabling quick checkout (Featured)
  • Auto-update later steps when there are changes in former steps (Featured)
  • Use the swipe-card function when making payments. After swiping your Customers’ credit cards, all their card information will be auto-filled in POS Magento(Hot)
  • Able to select cash or credit card as payment mode
  • Able to add discount, coupon code, comments, gift message for order (Hot)
  • Select to use sign up for newsletters option
  • Fill out the short survey right in the checkout page (Hot)
  • Able to log in with multiple addresses with Magento POS
  • Find orders easily and print invoices quickly
  • Able to update the product price for different customer groups


For Admin

  • Able to change positions of fields in back end
  • Able to set up checkout page layout style (Hot)
  • Hide other shipping methods if only one method is applied
  • Set default shipping & payment method
  • Auto-update order totals when choosing shipping/payment method
  • Auto-update shipping method when billing/shipping address is changed
  • Auto-update payment method when choosing shipping method
  • Able to create question and answer options to survey customers
  • Set checkbox for Newsletter subscription
  • Enable Coupon code, Gift message, Comment sections on checkout page


Reward Points Extension Integrated

  • Able to help Customers earn/ spend points based on Earning/ Spending Rates
  • Able to help Customers earn/ spend points based on specific products, brands and categories (Catalog Rules)
  • Able to help Customers earn/ spend points based on total orders with flexible conditions (Shopping Cart Rules)
  • Able to discount order using coupons that Customers received from friends.
  • Auto-add points to friends who shared coupons used by Customers


  • Magento POS integration is 100% Open Source
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • Magento POS system is easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface 

Magento POS Extension - Point of sale Magento - web pos - cloud pos


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--- Updated News ---

Here we go with the new generation of Magento 2 extensions, after its official release on 17 November 2015. However, as everyone still want to keep track with the latest Magento extensions, including of Magento Popup extension and Magento POS ipad. Magento POS extension is the best solution for any retailers.

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